alan jones need to pull his head in

I, like many people I know, was stunned when I read the comments made by broadcaster Alan Jones yesterday in the press.

For those that have been living in a haze of football madness for the past few days, this is what bile spewed forth from the mouth of Jones; ‘broadcaster Alan Jones told a function that Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame” because his daughter “told lies every time she stood for parliament.”’ This was at a Young Liberals event on the weekend, where Jones also purchased a chaff bag donated by Woolworth’s, but we will get to chaff bags and other insults shortly.

Alan Jones has been behind a microphone too long and perhaps should consider stepping down and handing his time slot to someone whose views can be considered a little more … relevant?

Alan Jones is a voice for the conservative views of so many and whilst I was astonished at the comments made by Jones, I am more so by the support he has  received by public figures.  Shadow Treasurer Jovial Joe Hockey tweeted this earlier today @JoeHockey ‘listening to Alan Jones this morning and you can understand why he is the best Aussie broadcaster of all time. 25 years at number1 in Syd.!’ Jones is a former Liberal Party staffer and preselection candidate and is publicly very supportive of opposition leader Tony Abbott.

In a time when misogyny is considered a relic of the 1950’s, like its mean cousins homophobia and racism, Jones should be admonished by one and all for such insensitivity.  At what point does anyone think it is appropriate to speak about the death of anyone in such a manner, let alone the Prime Minister.

This also speaks more broadly to the way our Prime Minister is treated.  Is it because she is a woman that people feel that they can speak about her so appallingly?  Is it because she holds the highest office in our country that people feel they can be so disrespectful. Is Jones in fear of Julia Gillard – does she scare him?

This is not the first time that Jones has been all in a lather about the PM – and his constant references to putting Ms Gillard in a chaff bag and sending her out to sea. Just one of the comments Jones made in July, 2011 “The woman (Gillard) is off her tree – and quite frankly they should shove her and Bob Brown in a chaff bag and take them as far out to sea as they can – and tell her to swim home …”  If this were Kevin Rudd, Paul Keating, or heaven forbid John Winston Howard, Jones would have been publicly rebuked or even stood down.

Whether you like Ms Gillard or not, the fact remains that, with the support of cross benchers, she was elevated to the role of Prime Minister following the last election.  Forget the bloodless coup of 2010 over Kevin07, we still have had an election since and she is the leader.. thats the end of the story.

So, Alan Jones needs his sponsors to do the right thing and pull their support so that he is removed from his position as a broadcaster.  he does not deserve to be there.

An online petition has already seen some 33,000+ signatures to do so and you can sign it here:

His veiled attempt at an apology, to my mind, is piss weak and if he is going to make an apology, he could do with learning some sincerity first. He is a bloviating buffoon.

As a broadcaster, I am ashamed to be in the same basket as this old piece of fruit.





One thought on “alan jones need to pull his head in

  1. Personnel attacks so soon after loosing ones father is so disgusting that you would think that Jones would have eaten his words straight away. that he would have put pen to paper. that it was not just the one journo in the room that was deeply offended by the remark. it doesn’t really matter if she is the prime minister or the opposition leader. she is still in mourning. get some sense of appropriateness about you. i will not listen to these shock jocks and will never understand why they are there. hurting people in this way, is unimaginable. get him and the other one off air. i hope more stations pull him off. i hope more sponsors pull their money out. that is the only way we are going to be rid of these people who think it is ok to behave in this manner. no need to behave in the same manner, just get rid of them

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