Leave Pete Evan’s nuts alone

I wonder why we are such hypocrites sometimes.

In an article in a magazine insert in one of the weekend papers, TV chef and food media personality Pete Evans talked about eating ‘activated almonds’.  Now I am a food lover/foodie/chef and I don’t know what the dickens these are, but this is not the point. Pete has been pilloried on social media for telling people what he eats – when he was asked by the magazine to do so.


Before I get on my high horse, best I offer my reasons for defending Mr Evans.  I know Pete, have done for years, and he is a good guy.  I also work in and around food – that means mostly eating loads of it and washing it down with sometimes offensive amounts of quality plonk. I even sometimes pay for this privilege.

In a society that is suffering increasing rates of obesity, I am considered rather corpulent myself. Corpulent, stout, tubby, fat. I am part of the newly obese.  Anyone who eats and drinks for a living (and that is rather a long list of people I know) struggles to maintain a slim and lithe figure. The only part of my that remains slim and lithe are my rather fetching ankles, but I digress.

The article in question emphasises Pete’s dietary intake each day, and includes alkalised water, spirulina, maca, goji berries, cacao nibs, cultured vegetables, stevia, millet, sorghum, chia, buckwheat… the list goes on, and its all washed down with licorice root and ginger tea. These are all terribly healthy sounding ingredients and I am sure Pete has a wonderful digestive system because of this diet.  But that is not really my point. Pete, for his age and his job, looks pretty damn good.

Imagine, if you will, how often Pete Evans eats.  And how often he eats out, tastes food, indulges in a cheeky glass of wine or two.  As a host of a TV show, I imagine Pete is eating more food than most, and at more frequent intervals than most.  Is it not a good idea for Pete to eat healthy food that will aid in digestion, keep him looking trim and fabulous and prevent him from becoming obese?

One can imagine that one of the reasons Pete eats so well when he can, is because he understands how damaging food can be for a variety of reasons.  Food can be high in fats, the good and bad kind, and can also cause incidents of heart disease, poor liver and kidney function, as well as diabetes and other diseases that have escalated in our society in the past few decades.

I, for one, would not mind at all if at I looked as good at 39 as Pete does now. I am sure there are many other people who would agree with that statement. Check out this photo of Pete on the beach in February (courtesy of the daily telegraph).

But, back to hypocrisy.  How many of those tweeting about Pete’s healthy diet are themselves slim and lithe?  How many of them are couch potatoes, too willing to sling some shit at someone because they are in the public eye? How many of those sending tweets and facebook posts about Pete’s diet, were munching on something high in saturated fats, slurping on a beer or a glass of wine, or tossing down a bacon and egg breakfast on some white bread on Sunday morning when they first read this article.

Pete Evans, like many people who are in the public eye, would be removed from their respective TV deals if they just continued to get bigger and bigger. Pete has a deal with Weight Watchers so I am sure that endorsement would be cancelled if he did not take care of himself.

I guess my point is that we are all too willing to have a go at someone because of who we think they are, without actually knowing the motivation or reasons behind why they do what they do.  Quite frankly, I say good on Pete for having the discipline to manage a diet in a world that is so fast paced and changing, and for wanting to be around to spend more time with his daughters Indi and Chilli. I wish I shared the same discipline.

Perhaps if we spent more time looking after our own internal wellbeing, we might find less time to sling chit at someone else’s.


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