The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

Its not every invitation that tells me I am asked to bear witness to a Guinness World Record, nor am I required to sign a stat dec every time I am invited for a tipple.

But from Crown Melbourne, I always expect the unexpected.

Club 23 at Crown hosted a Guiness World record Attempt for the most expensive cocktail ever made, and dare I say, I could not resist the temptation to toddle along and check out what the dickens was going on.  The invite asked me to get a bit dressed up, but given the most dressy thing in my wardrobe that fits is a pair of faded jeans, I did what  I could with what I had.  I wonder how many of the women in attendance might have achieved a world record for the longest stint without nourishment – this may be a hint of jealousy that they all looked so young, so lithe and so terrifically gorgeous, and I felt a little out of place for a second…. until I remembered why I was there – Booze!

There were cameras everywhere, TV and hand held, people snapping pics on their mobile phones (guilty) and a lot of folk who seemed to be there to drink or, more importantly, were curious about the drink.

It was a magnificent looking creation and we stood in awe at the lavishness and expense as it was being prepared, whilst one of Crown’s high rolling types had come from New Zealand to pay for and hopefully consume the concoction. Forms were signed, and the drink successfully prepared and purchased.  I think the chap who did purchase it may have had a sip or two and wandered off, perhaps in search of a craps table to win the cost of the bevvy or indeed, simply because he was not so fussed and may have preferred a margarita – who knows.  I am simply hypothesising.


More about the drink – it contained 60 mls of Croizet Cognac Vintage 1858.  The bottle is already a record holder having been valued at upwards of $150,000 clams, and cocktail whiz Joel Heffernan had spent weeks it seems preparing the recipe and making it all up.  I did ask whether Joel was old enough to be preparing drinks – he is certainly hanging on to his youthful visage.

A splash of Agnostura bitters, some fancy yellow Chartreuse, a swish Grand Marnier and finished off with a mix of chocolate nutmeg dust, essence of poppy seed and roses, and hints of coconut, passionflower and oranges. I was hoping the glass had been washed in the waters of some far off moutain, where nubile virgins swim with unicorns but then I might have had one too many sniffs of the Croizet already!


So off wandered the man who had just spent $12,500 on a cocktail that one assumes passed all of the requirements to be a Guinness World Record, leaving behind not just $12,500 worth of cocktail, but some very fancy edible sugar and chocolatey concoction that Mr Hive’s pastry chef had spent considerable time preparing and served as the garnish to the plate on which the cocktail was served.  Maybe he needed a little lie down after that spend.

A similar cocktail was prepared and served for the gathered hordes of journos, gamblers, slim young women and entrepreneurs, and did provide a serious kick to the brain function post consumption. It was certainly a tasty little sling and given unlimited funds perhaps I might have put my hand up to purchase it next time.

It was a fun experience to be sure, and one I don’t know that I will have the opportunity to do again – the previous world record was set in London last year and the drink sold for some $8000+ Aussie dollars.

I just hope nobody saw me sauntering off with the remaining 690mls of aged Cognac de Croizet in my man purse as I left.



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