Please send your condolences to my liver and other organs

I am concerned and losing a little sleep, because, well, it is almost Melbourne Food and Wine Festival time.  This, for many, is great news, excepting my good friends – liver, kidneys, heart and other major organs that will, in all likelihood, suffer the effects of this festival.

I am a lover of all things Melbourne Food and Wine and this is the time where our fair city comes in to her own – a time when food lovers and foodies from across the city, state, nation and the globe, gather to exchange ideas, to learn from one another and to celebrate the magnificence that is Melbourne and her dynamic food culture.

This years festival theme is Earth, and from 1st – 17th March I intend to assault readers of these pages with posts about all manner of events. From The Worlds Longest Lunch, The BBQ Festival, some visiting chefs, Masterclasses, breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be included, as well as some events that are focussed on my favourite pastime of beverage swilling.  There seems to be a bit of this.

There is plenty to celebrate here and trust me, my nose will be deeply enveloped in the festival trough.



I expect there will be highlights and food crushes a plenty again.  Over the years, I have fallen in food lust with some wonderful exponents of their craft and I know that 2013 will be no different.  The Jelly Boys from Bompas and Parr  and the fabulous Nigella in 2011, the sublime talents of Stevie Parle and THAT pistachio soup of 2012 along with Brett Graham, the amazing Massimo Bottura and David Chang again, and who can forget David Chang and Roy Choi in 2010?  In 2009 I revelled in the fabulousness that was – with Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal, and my first encounter with a young fellow from Denmark by the name of Rene Redzepi.


It is not just the  Internationals… We get to see the best of our home grown talent as well. I am looking forward to being a part of the Langham Masterclass Series again in 2013, and to host my little room up in the dizzy heights at the top of the hotel. What fun this year looks to be, with Martin Boetz of Longrain, Aaron Turner from Loam, Andrew McConnell who is the Midas of Melbourne and the fabulous Frenchman, Guillaume Brahmi. How could a fellow be unhappy with that, but it gets better.

Swedish wunderkind Mangus Nilssen from  Faviken, 600kms north of Stockholm looks to be leading the charge for my international crush this year, along with Massimo Spigaroli, the King of Parma.  Alistair Wise, the Hobart boy who has taken Manhattan by storm and the lads from the Three Blue Ducks at Bronte will round out a wonderful 2 days of Masterclass action for me.


I am looking forward to sharing MY Melbourne Food and Wine Festival with you over the coming weeks and I hope that you can please send your condolences to my live and other organs… no doubt they will need it post 17th March.


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