On your marks, get set! Goooooo

On your marks, get set.. and gooooo.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has officially started and the gathering of media, sponsors, supporters and hangers on gathered at the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar, an installation in Queensbridge Square – to formally kick things off.  And kick we did.


If I was a sports coach and I could speak to friends and colleagues in sporting parlance, I would advise them that through the next  17 days, we have to work as a team!  We have to take on the opposition  (the food and drink) and treat them with the respect they deserve. We have to support one another in the field – maybe even assist if anyone needs to be stretchered off for a lie down!

We have to remember that we need to play a full game – we need to be ready for a full 4 quarters of the game, and not just play the first half well. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!


I imagine there are a couple of sprinters who may have awoken a tad dusty this morning, and there are some serious long distance runners who are geared up to devour their way through the World’s Longest Lunch today.  With a menu by the Grand Dames of Australian food, Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander, the long distance athletes of food will be smacking their collective chops post luncheon.

And I am sure there will be a few staggering middle distance athletes who might be seen wandering the streets this afternoon, not sure if they will see it through the weekend.  Please point them in the direction of the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar for a shot or two of some of Melbourne’s finest caffeine injections! That will perk them up.

I have a full dance card – and I will be sharing the details of each of the weekend’s suitors with you.

First off, best get my runners of to get through the World’s Longest Lunch.  The ladies are waiting!





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