The World’s Longest Lunch

Its not every day that one can boast that lunch’s menu was loving designed by the Grand Dames of the Australian Culinary Landscape .. Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander. Normally my lunch menu is lovingly designed by 2 slabs of bread, some sort of smoked pig and a lump of cheese.  But, I digress.

Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer need little introduction, and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, now in its 21st year  I am sure was thrilled that Maggie and Stephanie could offer their services to prepare the menu.


A casual 1230 people sat down at tables laden with fresh produce, pots of fruit, vegetables and flowers, and all fitted with white linens and wine, ready for us to devour.  It was a beautiful setting, as the sun peeped through the trees, and the tables snaked their way along the path through the magnificent Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.


Scattered with consumers, media, lovers of fine food and beverages, and sponsors, the guests were treated to three courses – the first two designed by Stephanie Alexander and the dessert by Maggie Beer, but all with the thread of fresh, seasonal produce and a great deal of love.

The World’s Longest Lunch has become a tradition for me now – I think this may have been the 8th year where I have wiped a friday afternoon off my diary and enjoyed some amazing food, with thousands of lovely people in some iconic Melbourne locations.

Oh and what did we eat and drink? We kicked off with a tidy glass of Yarrabank Cuvee sparkly, or White Rabbit Ale beer for those in the mood.

Turkey prosciutto with figs, watermelon pickle, and fior de burrata -with a glass of Yering Station 2010 Village Chardonnay


Saffron marinated roasted lamb rump, with farro, spinach and mint and slow cooked sweet peppers. Washed down with Yering Station 2010 Village Shiraz Viognier


And in true Maggie Beer style, a baked vejuice custard with glace cumquats and granola crunch. A glass of pink Yarrabank Creme de Cuvee paired nicely.


Another World’s Longest Lunch to add to the bank that I have and another wonderful celebration of food, beverage and old and new friends.


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