There is a lot going on – and I am struggling



There is a great deal going in the world that is causing me grief and making me wonder about the world we live in and what will be left of it all.

I don’t know if my fears are justified but just the same, I feel betrayed by our leaders and wonder to what end we should be fighting a war on the other side of the world, that is only going to make us a target?

Australia is not a place for the radical or the extreme – it never has been. We don’t enter in to the fray of religious fatwas and political jihads – its not our style. Sure there are extremists everywhere –  feminists, Christians and Muslims, and we only need to look to the Tea Party in the United States and the extreme right of the Republicans, to the KKK and white supremacists everywhere, and then there is Russia.

But I wonder why we have to get involved.  We live in an idyllic little paradise here in the Antipodes.  We are not the US, we are not Germany or China.  Our military might is miniscule compared to others and we do punch above our weight in the big wide world. Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Yemen, Ghana, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuala and Malaysia all share similar population sizes to us – and they are not strapping in their nations ready for war.  Most of them probably lack the funds or are dealing with internal civil or economic wars of their own. Why is Australia weighing in to this?

Again, I am not naive or alarmist – in fact I am pretty tolerant of most people, most of the time. Frequent exclusions to that general rule usually include reality TV personnel and certain members of the federal Government front bench.  But I do fear what our involvement will bring and what the repercussions are.

Some will say that terrorism is growing here – that recent raids have netted some scary results. I say that if there are five people living here who are arrested for being extremists, then I say we are pretty safe and in a good position. I am a step dad and I want to make sure that the world that the two small people in my life, and the many in my extended family, live in, is safe.  I want that they can grow up to be the best that they can be without restriction – just as I have.

New terror laws that will restrict the already diminishing freedom of the press, and others, are alarming.  Does this mean that every time I write a missive that disagrees with the powers in parliament, that I am a terror suspect? Because I am writing this piece, am I putting myself forward for questioning and potential incarceration for having a strong, non supportive opinion that disagrees with the government?

Does allowing ASIO and other agencies the ability to tap in to any online network (including the entire internet) take away the individual freedoms and privacy that Australia has become known for? Soon we may no longer be the lucky country, but simply another nation where news is dominated by war and atrocity – that’s not us.

I am struggling to understand it, I am scared for what the future will hold.  I am confused about a budget emergency that went out the window the minute there was a chance to be involved in a war that is not ours to fight.

I am struggling with a lacklustre opposition who seem not to have any bite or fight – who are supporting some of the heartless decisions that are being made by our government – sending asylum seekers to Cambodia – one of the world’s poorest and most corrupt nations and a country that has an abysmal human rights record. That’s not what Australia is about.

Few will read this, less will comment but it might give me the kick in the pants I need to get off my ass and be a bit more vocal about what I am struggling with.

I am not nationalistic, nor am I one of those who sees Australia above all others, but this is becoming a country of which I get more ashamed every day.

There is a lot going on – and I am struggling.





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