Scott Morrison – I don’t know how you made it through puberty



Dear Scott Morrison

I have just read your letter to one of your constituents who felt compelled to write to you about marriage equality. To say I was horrified to read your heartless response to someone who took the time to write to you, is most probably the understatement of the year.

Your response has probably broken the spirit of your correspondent, and the fact that you couldn’t address your response to that person by name tells me a bit more about you.

I don’t know how you made it through puberty without suffocating in that ignorance and bigotry that you clearly hold so close.

Lets have a look at your response and break it down a bit.

Dear Fellow Australian, Would it have hurt you to address the person who found the time and energy to sit and write to you in the first place? Would that have cost anything? No, but it seems courtesy isn’t your strong point.

You will also note in these statements that I also support the view that no Australian should have to pay a dollar more in tax or receive a dollar less in benefits or superannuation because of their sexual preference. During the last parliament laws were passed to give effect to this objective with the support of both major parties. 

Clearly you are so busy trying to dismantle our welfare system, or patting Peter Dutton on the back for continuing the cruel and dehumanising treatment of genuine asylum seekers and refugees, that you have failed to grasp the very simple concept that sexuality is not a preference.  I am sure you didn’t choose to be straight no more than same sex attracted people chose to be gay or lesbian.  I am not sure I can speak for all gay and lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex or queer folk when I say this but I am confident in the fact that some of us wouldn’t choose to be who we are if we had a choice. Why would people choose to be gay in Australia when your government treats us as second class?  So many of us have embraced our sexuality, and live full and committed lives paying taxes to keep you in blue ties and brylcream, and shock of all shocks Mr Morrison, many of us raise children.  Yes, children, and the plagues and pestilence have not yet come to our shores because of this.

The fundamental reason for my position was well summarised by our former Prime Minister, Hon John Howard AC, who stated when legislating the current definition “marriage, as we understand it in our society, is about children, raising them, providing for the survival of the species, and I think if the same status is given in our society to gay unions as are given to traditional marriage we will weaken that bedrock institution.”

Hmm – again I think you need to pick up a book that wasn’t written before 1950 and catch up a bit. Marriage, as it is understood in many societies and cultures, is about love.  We don’t get married to have children – children are the product of heterosexual intercourse.  There is no requirement to be married to have children – that thought process is subscribed to by those that think the world is flat. Perhaps you need to pick your knuckles up from dragging on the ground a little bit and have a read of a census or something out of the bureau of statistics.  Shock horror again Mr Morrison, but there are many children born each day out of wedlock.

Your marriage will not be weakened by affording the dignity of marriage to all Australians.  That is nonsense and there is not one piece of evidence globally, written by a person of science rather than the cloth, that would support this claim at all.  Nada, none, nil.

For me this is ultimately about a child’s natural right to a mother and father. I believe that this right should be protected in all Commonwealth laws, especially the Marriage Act. I am extremely disappointed by the recent decision of the NSW Parliament to legalise same sex adoption. However, I do not consider this error should be compounded by our federal parliament.

Please explain to me Scott, if you would, the significant abuse of women and children by men, fathers, stepfathers, mothers and stepmothers, foster parents, and others. You see, some of the children who do have a mother and a father in your old school view of the world, are in homes where they are abused – physically, mentally, emotionally, and most horrifying, sexually. This happens Scott and its not the children of same sex parents that are suffering through this mostly, but the children of heterosexual parents. Think about that for just a little bit and for a novel thought, perhaps have a look at a piece of evidence or two.

Family is the most important institution in our society. Religions and cultures over centuries have held that family is optimally based on the union of a man and woman. I do not believe that tested wisdom over centuries has been overwhelmed by more contemporary arguments.

I think this is the ignorant thinking that irks me most.  Religions and culture over the centuries thought the world was flat, that women could be exchanged for money or livestock to be the chattels of men, children could be forced in to arranged marriages and alarmingly, still are. Cultures and religions, Mr Morrison have said that you can’t wear two different fabrics, eat prawns, munch on a tasty bit of bacon or indeed, farm some land with two different crops.  I am sure you know the bible better than I do as a godless heathen fudge packer, but let me remind you anyway that most of the above offences against god could be punished by death, stoning, whipping and other similar punishments.

I acknowledge that in today’s society too many heterosexual marriages relationships fail. Family breakdown is a primary cause of poverty, disadvantage, mental illness and related conditions in our society today. The biggest victims of marriage failure and family breakdown are children. The social and economic costs of family breakdown are incalculable. This is a genuine national tragedy, not an argument for same sex marriage.

Hmm – is there was ever an argument that was uniformed or moot, this would be it.  Marriage is abused on a daily basis – people manage to stay married for hours, weeks, even a few months, and some stay together for years.  Sexuality has nothing to do with that.  More shock for you – some of those broken marriages where children have a mother and father is because those people who tried to suppress their sexuality by marrying and having children, can no longer face the pain and anguish, the torture anxiety created by having to suppress their sexuality because of the ignorance of elected officials like you.

A few other points Mr Morrison – our children in particular have one mother and three fathers – one biological mum, one biological dad and two step dads – and therefore have twice the amount of love to be showered with, attention, wisdom, knowledge and guidance – but I guess in your world thats too much now?

I also would like to point out that same sex attracted children are born to straight people 100% of the time. Think about it … go on…. got it?

Now also ponder that outmoded views like yours mean that a young person or indeed someone in their 60’s might consider that they are less than valued because of who they are. Imagine a life lived where the very core of your expression – sex and love – is denied because of societal pressure to conform.  Imagine never being able to tell someone you love them because in a society where the dignity of marriage is denied to some people, they cannot be who they are.

In May this year Ireland is likely to enshrine marriage equality into law and the remaining 14 states of the US will see marriage equality protected under federal law. This will leave Australia as the ONLY primarily english speaking nation not to have marriage equality in law.

So while I appreciate your lack of forethought, compassion or decency – there is no place for you to force your outdated and outmoded philosophy on hard working, scent Australians.

To deny the same legal protection to all Australians is inhumane, it breaches the very core of a decent society and it is further evidence of how Australia is sliding away from being a progressive society to a place where I don’t want to live.


Pete Dillon


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